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Pecketts' Inc. is a Wholesale Foliage growing operation, specializing in the production of blooming Spathiphyllum and Holiday Cactus (Schlumbergia).

We have approximately 750,000 square feet of greenhouses on 50 acres of land in Apopka, Florida, in Central Florida; situated 15 miles north of Orlando.

Our company was started by Chet Peckett in 1978, with one 10,000 square foot greenhouse. Through the years we have grown numerous varieties of foliage plants including Spath, Holiday Cactus, Peace Lily and Zygocactus, but have been concentrating on Spathiphyllum and Christmas Cactus for the past 10 years.

Our goal is to provide a regular supply of various pot sizes, on a weekly basis. We have our own tissue culture lab in which we produce over two million units of Spathiphyllum for our own use; to help us achieve our goal of vertical integration.

Our team consists of 60 professionals to help us meet the needs of our customer base. We feel we are your best choice for high quality Spathiphyllum and Holiday cactus.